Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Agreement and terms of use

This agreement and the terms and conditions on Adwhit website are considered to protect and preserve the rights of the Adwhit Logistics  Trading Company, the official owner of the Adwhit website.

adwhit.com and the user who accesses the site by registering on the Adwhit website or as a visitor to the content of Adwhit website .

Terms, Conditions, Terms and legal disputes are governed by laws, legislations and regulations
Applicable in the Republic of Turkey.

Being a user or visitor on Adwhit website, you agree to bound by everything contained in this agreement once you use the site. Adwhit website also has the right to amend this agreement at any time, and it is considered binding on all parties after the update is announced on the site.

Adwhit website, owned by Adwhit Logistics Trading Company, and headquartered in Istanbul / Turkey, allows users to open an account to post offers of sale, rent, job opportunities, and   Self Employed, and view its services such as currency exchange rates and gold and precious metals market prices in Turkey ،

terms of use

As a user of Adwhit website to manage offers submitted by you or as a visitor searching our site, you acknowledge that you are committed to all the terms and agreements concluded and agree to the following terms:

  • Not advertise or upload content or items that are inappropriate for the sections available on the site that are allowed to be sold, and review the terms of advertising and prohibited goods before advertising.
  • Not to violate or circumvent the laws, policy and regulations of the site or any rights related to a third party.
  • Not  copy the advertisement from Adwhit website and republish it on other sites.
  • Not use any illegal means to access advertisements or other users’ data, or violate the policy and rights of Adwhit Company, or access the content of the site, or  collect information and data related to Adwhit website or its customers, and benefit from it in any way, or republish it.
  • Not use our services if you are under 18 years of age or not legally eligible to complete this agreement.
  • Not to manipulate the prices of goods, whether in buying or selling, and harm other consumers.
  • The advertisement must not include a logo or trademark that you do not have the right to use, or an imitation trademark or anything that violates the intellectual property rights of others or a patent .
  • Not collect or use website users’ personal data or phone numbers .
  • Not impersonate Adwhit Logistics Company or its official website adwhit.com or its representative or employee or any position that suggests that you are affiliated with the company without official permission from the company.

Your failure to comply with these conditions gives Adwhit Company the right to block your subscription, refer your violation to judicial authorities when necessary, and prevent you from accessing without the need to notify you of that. You do not have the right to object, and you hereby pledge not to return to using the site unless the site administration approves this.

The responsibility

  • Adwhit website provides a service that enables the user to display his goods and publish content in accordance with the agreed usage policy. It does not provide any guarantees and does not bear any responsibility in the event that the user or consumer does not comply with it.
  • Adwhit website disclaims any responsibility for any risk, damage, consequences, or losses incurred by the seller, buyer, or any other party. and those who suffered damage should visit the Contact Us link and explain the damage caused to them , and Adwhit will take action according to the type of incident without any liability.
  • By using Adwhit website, you acknowledge that you assume full responsibility for ensuring that you follow all relevant laws, rules and regulations when using the website. You are also responsible for managing all purchases and delivery operations if agreed upon with buyers through the site. The site management does not interfere in any procedure in the sale, purchase or delivery and does not assume any responsibility. You also acknowledge compliance with the content controls and conditions set forth by Adwhit website ,you are solely responsible for the consequences and damages of the content and disclaims the responsibility of Adwhit website from any claims resulting from or related to your transactions .
  • By using Adwhit website, you authorize the website to save the personal and non-personal data and information that you entered on the website’s servers, and we have the right to view and review them.
  • By using Adwhit website, you acknowledge the website’s right to monitor private messages when needed to ensure that they are free of violations of the terms of use, and have the right to delete the advertisement and use appropriate images when needed.
  • Circulars, decisions and directives of the site administration and site administrators are considered binding after they are delivered to you via site, mobile, e-mail messages or via the notification system, and you must comply with them and act in accordance with them.
  • By using the website, you acknowledge the right of Adwhit website in the case that you violate the regulations and laws followed in the Republic of Turkey or the policies and laws of Adwhit website. The administration of Adwhit has the right  to claim you compensation for all damages and losses and charge you legal fees in all matters and cases related to your violation and is committed to compensate for them.

Membership conditions

Membership is: the username with which the person registered on Adwhit website, which is linked to his mobile number, and must be subject to the following conditions:

  •  A proper and appropriate name is required during the registration process.
  • It is prohibited to create more than one account for the same user or company on the website.
  • You must update your mobile number associated with membership in case your mobile number is changed or lost.
  • If your membership name contains a trade name or trademark, you must be the trademark owner or authorized to use the name or trademark.
  • It is prohibited to sell or assign the membership to another party, or to allow any other party to use it. The first membership holder is considered responsible for any violations or legal responsibilities. In the event of a sale or assignment, both parties are considered to be in violation of the usage policy on the Adwhit website.
  • The member is obligated not to share his membership information with anyone.
  • Adwhit website is committed to taking the necessary standards for data protection and preservation, noting that the Internet is not a 100% safe way to save confidential information.
  • The site exchanges some information with your device for the purpose of providing you with the ideal service through cookies, and you can disable them from your device options.
  • By using Adwhit website, you acknowledge that the website has the right to suspend your number or account and include it in the list of disabled accounts in the event that a report or complaint is filed against you or in the event that you commit a violation that the site administration deems worthy of suspension.

Terms of adding content on the site where the User undertakes :

  •  Do not advertise any product or offer of sale or rent is prohibited on the site .

Prohibited goods are :

  1. Installments, personal and bank loans. These goods are prohibited even if they are considered legal.
  2. Goods that violate intellectual property rights, for example, all types of clothing, electrical appliances, equipment, copied programs, and copied films.
  3. Advertising products or services that require a license without obtaining a license from the regulator.
  4. Devices with security risks .
  5. All goods prohibited according to the laws of the Turkish Republic and stipulated in the laws. In the event of an announcement, membership will be suspended and the relevant authorities will be informed.

  • Determine the selling price of the advertised item.
  • Follow up your advertisement and respond to customer inquiries through replies or through private messages.
  • Adhere to the policy of not using duplicate advertisements.
  • Do not add any objectionable responses or comments.
  • The advertisement should be fully detailed and in the correct section.
  • Do not copy any advertisement from the site.
  •  Obtain the necessary licenses for advertising, if you provide a service, sell a commodity, or practice a profession that is subject to a specific regulation and requires a license or permit to practice it.
  • The images added in the advertisement will be of the same advertised commodity.
  • Do not add more than one advertisement for the same offer.
  • Do not advertise or register for someone you don't know from your account.
  • Update the advertisement, and if you do not update it , Ads  will be automatically deleted.

Conditions for providing job opportunities

To advertise job opportunities, the job opportunity must be provided directly by the employer without an intermediary .

  1. The advertisement must not include the phrase male or female servant, or maid, and it must be replaced with the phrase male or female worker.
  2. The party providing the job opportunity undertakes not to take any commission for securing the job opportunity provided .
  3. A single job opportunity advertisement must not include more than one job vacancy .
  4. Do not accept any job offers from third parties, intermediaries or recruitment offices

Conditions for applying for a self employee

  1. Intermediaries in self employee are not accepted, and all members must be the owners of the profession being added .
  2. The owner of the profession undertakes that all information provided is correct: “Name” “Address” “Phone number” .
  3. Add details and information about experience and field of work .
  4. It is preferable to add pictures or video showing some previous work .
  5. Continuous follow-up with potential clients through Adwhit website
  6. Update the data provided on  Adwhit website on an ongoing basis
  7. Do not manipulate customers
  8. Acknowledgment that Adwhit website is not responsible for any agreement concluded with any potential client.

Sponsored advertising agreement

  • Adwhit website offers multiple options for financing ads on all its sections, “sale and rental offers” , “job opportunities,” and “Self_ employee.” .
  • Optional sponsored ads are based on the member’s desire to finance the submitted offer and wish to distinguish it .
  • Pre-paid ads are essential in sections where it is not possible to add any unpaid ads.
  • We offer annual subscription services to members who wish to install their companies and advertisements.
  • Adwhit website uses a secure external payment gateway and do not store your credit card information on its servers.
  • If you wish to cancel or refund the amount of the finance, you can write to us through the Contact Us portal .
  • In the event of a request to cancel financing, the value of the time period consumed when implementing the request to stop financing will be deducted .
  • The amount will be refunded to your card within a maximum period of 3 working days .

Rules that cannot be violated and expose you to the closure of your account

  1. Advertisement with incomplete details.
  2. Poor quality ad.
  3. Poor communication between the advertiser and those interested in the offer, whether by responding to calls or private messages.
  4. Repeating the advertisement on Adwhit website .
  5. Sign Up to a new membership and have a previous membership that has been blocked .
  6. Adding a photo that is not of the same item .
  7. Lack of transparency in advertising and manipulation of offer specifications .
  8. Copying another advertiser's ad or part of it.
  9. General advertisements in which the offer is not specified in details .
  10. Advertise in comments and replies.

  • The site has the right to delete any content or advertisement without mentioning the reason for the deletion.
  • Updating and modifying the advertisement is subject to all terms and conditions in this agreement, and the user is considered responsible for any violations that occurred during the creation of the advertisement or after updating or modifying.

Adwhit website security policy and disclaimer

The management of Adwhit website is committed to the usage agreement and the privacy of use, and we are not a party between the seller and the buyer, and we have no relationship in any dispute or issues that arise between users due to one or both of them violating the usage agreement . Anyone who is in any dispute with any advertiser or buyer should resort to amicably resolve it or resort to judicial authorities without mentioning any relationship related to the Adwhit website and by agreeing to the terms of use , you expressly acknowledge that there is no relationship to Adwhit website in any agreement or understanding made through its website .The customer has been exposed to a scam by another party , the customer must inform the competent security authorities. And fill out the complaint form for this on Adwhit website on the (Contact Us) page. The site administration will review the complaint and investigate the defendant customer so that the necessary action can be taken against him. Adwhit website will not be a party to such issues and do not assume any responsibility, but will provide what we have to the competent authorities if this is officially requested.

In the event that an individual, institution, or company uses illegal means, such as penetrating or using illegal data collection methods or any means, with the aim of accessing the content of the site, the programming of the site, the databases of the site, or the information and data that belong to Adwhit’s clients, in order to copy advertisements, republish them, or benefit from Of it in any way. Adwhit website administration will go to the competent authorities to prosecute the other party on charges of electronic hacking and committing the crime of violating information crime regulations.

Infringement of intellectual property rights and patents of a third party. If you believe that one of your rights has been infringed, you must fill out the complaint form for infringement of rights and provide proof of infringement in the published advertisement. Adwhit  website administration  will review and study the complaint and ensure its validity, and the necessary action will be taken. you should also contact the competent authorities in case you wish to sue the party that infringed your rights. Note that the administration of Adwhit website will not be a party to the case and do not assume any responsibility.

Changes to the Agreement and Terms of Use

Please keep in mind that we review this “Agreement and Terms of Use” periodically and may make some changes to it. When we make any changes, the link to the “Agreement and Terms of Use” will contain a “Recently Revised (with date)” indication, which indicates that you should review the new terms that are considered Effective immediately upon posting of the new Agreement on this page with a new effective date. This reference will remain located next to the "Agreement and Terms of Use" link for at least ten (10) days after the updates are made. Your access to the site after making any changes is considered your prior acceptance of the amended agreement and terms of use and any changes therein. Be sure to visit this page periodically to ensure that you are familiar with the latest version of the agreement and terms of use.

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