Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Adwhit takes your privacy very seriously, and is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors and subscribers to our website Adwhit.com or any app affiliated with the adwhit website .

The following is our Privacy Policy, which will determine how we handle any personal information you provide to us .

Please read this policy carefully as it contains important information about us and how we collect, store and use your information .
By accessing the site, using the services of our site, or showing your acceptance of it in any other way indicates your consent to the collection, use, or transfer of your information in accordance with this policy, and if you do not accept the terms of this policy, you should not use the site

Our platform is not aimed at those under the age of 18 

The site has several services, including

- Sale and rental offerssection is a platform that provides a marketing service for products, machines, real estate or cars that customers want to sell or rent .
- Job opportunities section is a section that individuals or institutions add on our website for their desire to attract employees from professions or scientific specialties to conclude employment contracts with them .
-Self employee section is a service department that allows professionals and freelancers to add their specialties and provide their services to visitors and those looking for this type of services .

Our site offers its services to all buyers, sellers, individuals or companies that advertise, promote or participate in our site , including real estate agents, commercial agents, industrialists and rental agents, commercial intermediaries and individuals representing a private third party, individuals representing themselves, private advertising companies .

We collect information about the ads displayed on our site in the framework of providing our services, this information includes photos and videos, prices displayed, phone numbers, and all details related to the product to be added on the site in addition to information about job opportunities and self employee .
We are committed to the transparency and legality of our data retention and we collect and use personal information only in order to provide professional and legal services, and comply with applicable data privacy laws and regulations.

We process this personal information to serve our legitimate interests, namely:

Provide a service to customers by helping them to market offers and services and understand Market Variables
Making our site services available to potential buyers and sellers to find out the offers and services currently available on the market and their prices using the information that customers have included in our site through advertising .

-If customers ask us to stop advertising offers and services, we will do so

-If any ad does not fit our site guidelines, we will remove that ad،

We have the right to keep the information available on our website as an undisclosed archive for everyone as a legal reference if necessary in the interests of Public Security.

The data we collect about you:

Adwhit collects personal data such as “email”,”name”,”surname”,”family”,”country”,”place of residence”,”phone number” and any information that may be requested later, which will be explained in advance in the terms of the privacy policy to run our business and provide you with the offers and site services that we offer, and you provide us with some of these data directly, for example, when you visit our site and register with us as a user (either by creating an account with us or using a third-party platform such as Facebook, Google, Apple) to access the services, you may be asked to provide information about yourself as indicated in this policy.

This information is requested to provide our website services to you, and if you do not provide this information, it may delay or prevent us from providing these services.

We take great care to protect your information and have implemented effective technical measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, but we must admit that there is no completely immune security measure, so your information is included at your personal risk.

We store your personal information in a centralized database, and please keep your password and details confidential to ensure your privacy.
It should be noted that check adwit can enhance security, but you should still be careful and follow best practices when conducting online transactions, and customers should remain vigilant, protect their personal information and report any suspicious activity to site administrators.

We collect information, including personal information, when you log in, Subscribe, write to us or place an order from the company.
We do not store credit card information that is entered as part of a service purchase on our site.

We save passwords in a one-way encrypted form and it cannot be decrypted.

We may record the IP address, operating system and browser used by each user and based on the IP address we may be able to determine the user's internet service provider and the geographical location of his connection point.
We use a variety of internet analysis tools to collect this information. however, some information is collected by cookies.you should be able to control whether and how your browser accepts cookies. most browsers provide instructions on how to reset your browser to reject cookies through the "help" section of the toolbar. however, if you reject cookies from our site, many of the features and benefits that our site offers you may not work as they should.

Use and disclosure to others

We disclose some personal information to the income tax institution in Turkey such as Name - Country - amount paid.
We do not disclose your personal information to any third party.
We will share your personal data when we consider in good faith that it is necessary for us to do so in order to comply with a legal obligation under applicable law or in response to a valid legal process, such as a search warrant, court order or subpoena.
We will also share your personal data where we consider in good faith that it is necessary for the purpose of your personal interest or the legitimate interest of a third party related to national security, law enforcement, prosecution, criminal investigation and protection of the safety of any person،

Request to delete personal data

You can delete your complete personal data and phone number through your control panel on our website .

Privacy policy changes

Please keep in mind that we review this Privacy Policy periodically and we may make some changes to it.when we make any changes, the Privacy Policy link will contain a "recent revision (with date)" reference indicating that you should review the new provisions that are effective immediately after the new policy is posted on this page with a new effective date. This reference will remain placed next to the Privacy Policy link for at least ten (١٠) days after the updates are made. By entering the site after making any changes, you agree in advance to the amended Privacy Policy and any changes to it.be sure to visit this page periodically to make sure you know the latest version of the Privacy Policy.

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